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Church Bells

Been thinking around why I find ringing bells so marvellous. Well, I dont ring them myself – but I like to hear other people do so.

There is a line which goes ” Bells keep alive the rumour of God”.

I tried to find out who wrote  that by typing it in Google – but all it came up with was….. nettie vic the twitterer who had put that quote on twitter recently!

So, I dont know is the answer. But when I hear bells being rung I feel deeply moved and excited and the noises ringing out into the air seem to cry out that God is in our midst. Then again I suppsoe some people just find the sound annoying!

But I am genuinely excited to hear that our bells may soon ring out at Little Paxton again – its not just another tick on the things achieved. Its a gift to future generations to help them keep the rumour of God alive!




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    More imprtant vote on 24th November

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