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Analysing what I have done today

I wonder, has the arrival of e-mail and internet meant that we achieve far more far more quickly? How did parish ministry take place without it???

Today I have had a day in preparing stuff on my computer. I have:

1) Prepared two funeral services and communictaed with family and funeral directors by e-mail. Also tracked down some msuic for funeral on internet.

2) Have written 14 e-mails on matters ranging from grants to service rota.

3)H ave received 15 e-mails on a wide number of issues.

4) Have finished Benefice magazine with administrator on computer

5) Have done next quarter service rota on computer

6) Have searched for local builders on internet to fix problem at Son’s house.

7) Have got a break down of parish finance from one of my treasurers on a spread sheet.

8) Have ordered baptism stuff from a firm that sells it.

9) Have heard from 3 parishioners via e-mail and how they are.

10) Have kept in touch with our bell appeal through facebook and peoples millions web-site

11) Ive twittered to keepin touch with daughter

12) Sent a draft confirmation service to Bishops Office for consideration.

and Ive blogged…..


…. and so it goes on. Maybe the computer means we can do better and faster communication. I still prefer seeing people but it does mean maybe we can keep in touch with more people more quickly. What does anyone else think?

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  1. Emails can never replace a good old chat and there are times when you need to be with someone to share their joys or problems but sometimes that can’t be as soon as you’d like.
    They are great for business as you have evidence that you did order or arrange something (not just something you thought you might have done – a problem with age!!). They can be too quick if you hit the send button in anger or high dudgeon – sometimes quite an effort to save them as draft for a few hours to see if you still want (or dare) to send later.
    And it’s the best way for looking busy when you should be doing something else………….back to the spreadsheets!

    Comment by Angela | November 19, 2010 | Reply

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