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A little pause

After lots of  school Christingles, plays and carol services tis time for a  pause ( though there is sunday inbetween!) before Christmas Eve. Many clergy will also have funerals have week and other matters to attend to i’m sure like home communions and visiting folk – and who knows even a bit of time to do some domestic preparations – Ive got the tree in now and love decorating it.

Here is a poem which I enjoy reflecting  on every year called the Jesus Room by Christopher Woodland

The Jesus room is not a chapel

or a church or a shrine

or anything like that.

It is not even sacred ground

in town or garden.

The Jesus room is inside the head

inside the heart, inside the body

inside the feelings, but no one knows

quite where the exact location is.

It is not really a room at all

and the Jesus discovered there

does not come care of religious dogma

or some archbishop or priest

or politician or minister

or anybody like that.

Indeed when you go into the Jesus room

you will find no one there

only space…. emptiness…. energy.

You will, however, feel the vibrations

if you are very still and quiet.

And as you tune in to the power of the place

you will sesne a presence, a myestery.

You will hear the poety of the Jesus room.

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