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Good Morning everyone

Slept well snuggled under a thousand duvets…… how it must be for people sleeping our rough in this weather I cant imagine.

Enjoyed the Aragon Singers singing the ” Manchester Carols”  last night at Diddington Church. They sang their hearts out and semed to enjoy it as the audience did. Many of us have  already sang the traditional carols rather a lot of times this year so hearing a new piece made a welcome change.

Here is a piece about the Mancehster Carols from the Times December 2007

“But the 21st century has done nothing to prevent two others from the Manchester area from reshaping and modernising the Christmas story – the poet Carol Ann Duffy and the composer Sasha Johnson Manning, who have written 16 new carols. Duffy, brought up a Catholic, pronounces herself an atheist; Johnson Manning is a committed Christian. Yet the pair never came to blows: both wanted carols for everyone, believers or not. The result is The Manchester Carols, to be given its premiere on December 14 in Manchester, at the Royal Northern College of Music (already sold out). They hope that it will be the first stage in a progress through schools and all places where people sing”

You can hear excerpts at:

This week I hope to do some catching up with people in the parishes – but first I need to make a visit to the police station. On Friday night I was pulled down with blue lights flashing as I crawled along a road leading to Great Paxton. At first I thought it was an ambulance trying to get past, but it was a police car wanting me to stop. They said that I had gone through a red light which came as news to me. The story was that I had stopped as a light went red but then started up again before it went green. I have only them to believe and I was mighty surprised – so its a £60.00 fine and 3 points on the license. I was a bit shook up after that but had to get on with the pleasant business of another carol event. So, drivers out there, take extra care with traffic lights – only go when its totally green!

Think we have been very lucky here in St Neots with only minimal snow compared with folks in other parts of the country…. but its still very chilly. Ive got a new hoodie with very thick fleece which is keeping me warm in my study…have a good day and take care if you need to go out.

Finally, if you have a moment- take a look at this charming take on the Nativity Story…

Times change, but feelings stay the same…

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