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Sorting out

Nothing like it – bring the blue recycling bin into the house and start having a blizz on paper and other blue bin stuff. Its great fun – especially  when you put the bin half way across the study and try and throw the stuff in! Very therapeutic.


I did find at the bottom of a pile a Christmas prayer – and as its only the third day of Christmas ( the three french hens havent arrived yet) it seems apt to post it – love the words.


Lord God

As a mirac le of humanity and love

As a word that makes people free

Your Son has come to us

And where he comes

Life is no longer dark and fearful

We pray that he

may come to life among us here

That we may not be caught in confusion and fear

Beseiged with doubt and discord

But that we may be filled

with faith and courage

simplicity and peace

This Christmas time.


Might be easy-ish to pray this prayer when life is relatively okay -but  even with the greatest faith, it may be very hard to feel its authencitiy when great tragedy and sorrow is part of ones life. The news bulletins remind us of the tragedy of the young girl who has been found in Bristol after awful days of her family waiting for news of her. I cannot imagine what they are going through.

I was wondering that as I tried to preach on sunday feeling  rather groggy with  a cold and not 100% with it. But I was aware of the east window glass and the image of Mary looking up at Jesus on the cross. Amongst its treasures of humanity the Christian faith has a mother who was devoted to her son for 33 years and yet lost him in the most barbaric way – and watched it happen.

May we pray that out of all tragedy there comes redemption and healing- even if we cant see it or feel it on this earth.


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