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A real emotional set back ( only for those who are Archers nuts)

Oh dear… I was just begining to come to terms with the grievous loss of Nigel Pargeter in    The Archers   a week ago ( such a black sunday I shall never forget) – when a friend gave me a present. Some friend, I say! And how insensitive!

Look below….

It has written in heartless letters ” Fallen Archers” reminding us of past dear lost loved ones from Ambridge- but fallen archers – oh dear, thats just what happened to poor Nigel as he tried to remove a banner from the top of his roof at Lower Loxley. True, this chic little mug is several years old I expect – but surely it was prophetic???

I couldnt bear to drink my ginseng and ginger tea out of it – it would forever remind me of Nigel’s strange plummy voice and endearing ways.

I wonder if his brother-in-law David Archer would like it – after all, he should have got Nigel down from that roof before he came to grief.

Now, someone is going to tell me that The Archers arent real – go on, I dare you!

Least I have comfort this evening – Lark Rise to Candleford is back on BBC 1 for a new series of 6 episodes – it  seriously it is my one weakness. And no one ever comes to much harm on Lark Rise, save the odd telegram and Very Old Person. Im sure no-one will be falling off a roof….

But before that, gotta go and take Holy Communion in a very old church on a very cold night……

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  1. Hi Paxy
    Yes, what a joy the good old potato posting office is open for gossip again in Candlebomb. Six weeks! I just can’t tell you how much that has my telegrams jumping around in their pigeon-holes.
    I’ve already been told to ‘shut up’ or ‘get out’ twice; why do women have to hear every nuance of every word? It’s a complete mystery to me.
    Dorcas Lane has a great deal to answer for!!!
    As to poor Nigel. I have always been of the impression he would come to a sticky end. Crawling around on a roof with a depressive farmer at the dead of night? who didn’t see that one coming!

    Comment by Wingy | January 9, 2011 | Reply

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