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A new Bishop for Ely

I do like a good enthronement!

I was fortunate to be part of a very large crowd of people who came to celebrate the new ministry of Bishop Stephen Conway last Saturday in Ely Cathedral.

The Church of England does do these occasion really very well – even though as the long service moved thorugh its gracious stages, some of us got colder and colder. No matter, I hope our hearts were warmed with the excitement of having a new Diocesan Bishop with all the hope for renewal and growth that it brings.

As is customary, Bishop Stephen knocked on the great west door three times ( actually six times as he was a bit quick off the mark the first time and had to repeat it again a few minutes later!)

Here are some of his words delivered  during his sermon:

“I look forward joyfully to being at the heart of this pilgrim band with all who want to join in during the years to come. I shall be a pilgrim in all of our communities as this year progresses.

“I have met nothing but love and hospitality so far, both from clergy and other colleagues, from friends in sister churches, and from people in the wider community with whom I look to be partners in serving the common good”

You can read his full sermon if you go to Bishop David’s link: or the Diocesan web-site….

I wonder if Bishop Stephen will compose a blog??

Got another busy week – havent been blogging much myself  due to the need to be out in the field of life….. but I sure do meet some interesting people and eat some tasty cheese scones!

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