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Old Age

Ne pereant lege mane rosas: cito virgo senescit (Florus)

“Pick roses in the morning, before they fade: a young woman ages quickly”

Im fascinated by people who live to a very old age. Recently, Ive taken several funerals of men and women who have made 100 years – or beyond and their life histories are engrossing. There arent too many now who can say they were born in the Edwardian era – two 100 year olds whose funerals I took just missed out by a few months being Edwardian babies.

Invariably for these grand old people, life for them was very tough as children and again I find it incredible that for those whose minds arent effected by dementia their memories ( according to their families) are still very sharp ( or as is often said) they have all their marbles.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the old boys who survived their second world war service and are brave enough to tell the tales. My dear old grandfather had such a bad time in the first world war he would never talk about it.  The Father of one lady whose funeral I took last week was so badly scarred mentally in the 1st word war that when he came home, he was unable to work again. The famaily lived in poverty in a fenland town – one reason why when she was older, she had a dread of being cold.

I find many elderly people very lovely  – and rather disagree with my bit of Latin above – although looks may fade,  the character, the spirit of a gracious and loving old person is a beautiful thing to behold.

Yes, I know some  folk can become difficult in later life and illness can take such a toll that unhappiness takes over….. but that makes me feel all the more that care of  our elderly folk with dignity and patience should be at the heart of a caring society.

I hope that one day, when Im very old ( should I reach that status) someone will listen to my story, endure looking at the newspaper reports about me as the ” toilet vicar” ( Ive just found a pile of them in a box!) and treat me with respect. And keep me in chocolate.

Mike and his grandma – 2009

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