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” The wonders of the Universe” – Brian Cox’s new series reviewed

I’m a bit biased, but Adele my daughter has blogged on Professor Brian Cox’s

” Wonders of the Universe”  BBC TV programme and there is a link to her blog on the BBC tv web-site about the programme:

Here is Adele’s link:

“Life is just a temporary structure on the long road from Past to Future” – so Adele writes…..and goes on..

Cox likens a photograph of the Earth taken from Saturn, in fact the most distant image we have of our planet that exists in the world today, to demonstrating in a very profound way ‘perhaps one of the most human of qualities, our unique ability to reflect on the universe’s existence and our place within it’. This statement is pinnacle to how we can view old family and ancestral photographs; they are our source of understanding where we came from and why we are here, our origins, and everything we should be thankful for.

After you consider exactly how fleeting, insanely temporary and insignificant we are in the universe, photographs highlight and concrete miniscule moments in time that we should feel grateful for; tiny in the grand scheme of things but epic to our own worlds. I find the grand and the trivial to be not so different and it is these small documents of emotions and occasions which make our life so magnificent.


If you scroll down her article you will a picture of me when I discovered grafitti on Sheepy Church wall – its wierd finding mysef there….

Adele  concludes: As I mentioned in a previous post, walls are a canvas, a canvas for memory and history and photographing them is an act of appreciation for small and large moments gone.

Im only sorry I just dont have/make enough time to see Adele and talk wih her I wish this job I do wasnt all consuming…..

A bit later…so I rang her up and we had a lovely chat. She said some people had mistook her for Professor Brian in her blog writing, so she has cleared that up with a post! The only downer in her blogging was a fundamentalist Christian who wrote that he was worred that she wasnt saved… she wrote a long rebuff to his words – saying amongt other things that her mother was a Vicar – not that such a fact gives guarantee of salvation!

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