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Clocks spring forward an hour… dont get to church late!

Expect you all know that the clocks spring forward an hour  at  1 am – meaning, that it might feel very early tomorrow when waking up. Not a problem if you can have a lie in, but relevant if you are a vicar person and need to get to church on time….

Apparantly, its all due to a man called Wliiam Willett and Im sure you would all like  to read about him and how due to his campaigning, Daylight Saving Time was introduced into the UK in 1916.

Here is the link to a site which tells you a bit more about him:

– and Wikipedia has a lot more information about the topic.

And, even more excitement, tomorrow we fill in our 2011 Census forms. To me, its so important to be part of history. I rave over the old census records as they reveal my ancestors going about their daily lives. And I hope in 3011 my forebears will look back and see me residing at the vicarage.

Back in 1911 one Emily Wilding Davison hid herself in a broom cupboard  in the House of Commons on census night in protest at the questions that were asked about women on the 1911 version. She was a suffragette – and years later MP Tony Benn thought she deserved a plaque in the cupboard to honour her. Emily was killed in 1913 when she threw herself under the Kings Horse at the Epsom Derby giving her cause great publicity.

I wonder how manyyoung women  realise what early 20th century women had to go through to gain the right to vote?

Time for bed – and to have an extra hours snooze before midnight.

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