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The birds have their nests…..

I think I’ve got a strong nesting instinct – or rather I like giving people and living things  a home to live in.

The sense of being in a secure and warm place maybe is a throw back to being in the womb – and it can take many forms…. but for whatever reason I like  giving others  a home.

Here is the bird box high up in the old apple  tree in my back garden. On one of those lovely warm sunny days last week I sat and watched a blue tit busy  fetching materials to make a nest for their young.

If you click on the picture you might just see the tiny bird sitting on a branch waiting to dive into the little hole in the box.

Splashed out on a new mini-greenhouse – now housing lots of seedlings of nicotiana, clarkia, tomatoes, seetpeas and other little beauties. I like zipping up the frame’s covering at night and wishing them happy growing. I took them in last night to the utility room incase there was a frost – but a tame mouse who seems to have moved in nibbled away at some of the leaves. Im not sure about giving tame mouse a home behind the washing machine.

And here is a moth which took shelter on my front door for a day or two before disappearing. Ive tried to identify it – no luck so far.

On my way to see my daughter in Coventry last week, I stopped off at Mum and Dad’s ashes plot at Clifton  cemetery near Rugby. I suppose the final resting place for their ashes is a sort of home. The fields around were where they used to take my children for long walks when they were small and lots of other folk buried in there are known to me – as curate in the village  I took some of their funerals.

Last year I planted some daffodils for them – it was lovely to see them at their peak in the warm sunshine.

I like to think of a church as a safe and nurturing place… maybe thats why I have enjoyed putting comfortable facilities into so many.

Great news that we hope very soon after Easter the project to get the bells ringing again from Little Paxton Church tower will start – its a lot of work and a lot of money, but with the great boost from the Peoples Millions Competition we are in a position to start.

Lots to prepare now for Holy Week and Lent…. but time now for sleep in a safe house for which I am very grateful. So prayers for those who this night have no where to lay their head.

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