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And now for some pictures….

Well, if  2 Billion people were watching the Royal Wedding on TV then just imagine how many photographs there must be of the day……

I wasnt really there – no more so than the other 2 Billion, but I did take some pictures – Im not sure if its allowed to take pictures from the TV, so if I’m likely to get sent to the tower, maybe someone could tell me and I will remove them.

Here are my favourite ones……

A very high view of  the bridal party walking in.. you can just see a couple of the trees.

Leaving the Abbey after the service – Harry with Catherine’s sister and Charles just behind them with Catherines mother.

Making the journey to Buckingham Palace in the carriage.

This is my favourite picture -though I cant quite tell you why.

Here is the Queen as she returns to Buckingham Palace. One TV commentator says she was saying ” It was amazing” – but I cant vouch for that as I wasnt really there!

Leaving Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ Aston Martin.

* I was very grateful to Ruth Gledhill for commenting on an earlier blog when I relayed her tweet “

This is what she said: “Thank you for mentioning that quote, it comes from CS Lewis, via Krish Kandiah. For Times subscribers, the full interview with Krish is on my blog at The Times, Articles of Faith. Best wishes, hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did here at The Times in London!

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