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Young Montana?

Ive already blogged about Young Montana? ( question mark is deliberate)the 20 year old music producer from Coventry who, to quote from one web-site  “was plucked from obscurity out of Coventry, UK when Mary Anne Hobbs of the BBC Radio 1 anointed him as her “Favorite Unsigned Artist of 2010.”

He is releasing his first album on May 3rd called Limerence  and the web-site:  describes it as:

“Playful yet complex, the controlled chaos of Limerence displays Young Montana?’s pristine sense of sonic exploration. Showing remarkable skill with sample collage work, Young Montana? is running circles around anyone else attempting this sort of beat fusion right now”

At first, some of the music sounds discordant and noisy, but Ive grown to love it and will be downloading his album on Wednesday.

The Lets Get Digital web-site has some sample tracks but the best for me is called Sacre Cool: it has had nearly 56,000 hits on You Tube and its great to bop to! Heres the link to Sacre Cool.

You may wonder why a Vicar knows Young Montana? Ah, well you never know you might come into your life when you arent looking!

Young Montana?’ s album is being released by Alphapuprecords:

By the way, the word Limerence, new to me,  has an interesting meaning:… tis all about being in love.

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