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Celebrating in Ikea

No, not quite the Eucharist… but the joy of having survived a visit to Coventry Ikea and finding all the bits ( from endless rows of shelves)  ordered by my daughter for her new desk. Its a huge shop – and its hard to come out without buying something you never knew you wanted…. but I did – great restraint! It was great too to meet up again with one of daughters old school friends, Mel who is an aspiring actress – she took this picture of me as I was somewhat hyper having smelt escape from Ikea.

It was all very exciting as Young Monatana? ( see previous blogs) has his Limerence LP released today- he and his friends are very excited and he has had loads of good wishes and fab reviews.

Best to download it from a web-siste called ” Boomcat” – or go to YM’s facebook page:

Clearly the rabbit at YM’s and daughters house is no respector of flowers – I arrived to find it has eaten many of the nice spring flowers planed a few weeks ago – but it did look sweet in the sunshine – I couldnt chastise it.

Time for some sleep after negotiating the A14 ….

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