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Best week ever…

Just a few more hits needed tonight ( Im on 911 for this week at 22.24 pm ) and then the highest total  of hits in a week since paxtonvic was born ( 915 in  a week in June 2009)  will be beaten….

Does that make sense? Maybe not – but its great to be having so many people  “tuning in” and hopefully finding things of interest.

Time for bed… Im  re- reading a ripping yarn called ” Moonfleet” by J Meade Falkner, first published in 1898. Ive got an old paperback version which I read at school – and I used to devour it as it stated in the preface that it would be especially enjoyed by boys! Huh! Who should boys should  have all the fun, I used  to think and read it lots of times.

Smuggling on the south coast ( based on East Fleet in Dorset)  supposed  ghosts, churchyards,   vaults and a diamond stolen from Charles 1st are all conjured up by the story teller  young John Trenchard whose passion to find Blackbeard’s stolen diamond leads him to silly adventures down the Mohune family vault late at night. Cracking good stuff….really good for girls of 50 something….

22.35…. 912….

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