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Little Paxton Bell Project will raise the roof…. day 1

Here we go with the first tiers of scaffolding which will reach right up to the top of the tower. The idea is that a hole will be made in the tower roof from which to lower kit inside to create the lifting machanisms to raise the old frame. The frame has to be preserved in the tower but at a higher level than its present position.

Maurice from Royston Scaffolding dismantling the old clock weight casing piece by piece in the tower base.

The tower base with the  old clock casing mostly removed.

The old clock weights now at ground level.

Day 2 -Maurice and his son Jamie outside the tower west door.

Jamie was great explaining the Little Paxton project stages to me and was so keen to tell me about the bell ringing work he’d been part of at At Albans Abbey.

The main contractor is Bakers of Danbury in Chelmsford with Taylors of Loughborough as the bell hangers. Next move is cutting a hole in the first floor of the tower  tower so the bells can be brought out next week and sent to Taylors. I could just sit and watch it all…..

It was very special that last night, after his visits to the incumbents of the Deanery, Bishop Stephen came and prayed in our church. I feel its very important to pray for the safety of all those who will be involved in the skilled and high level work.

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