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Little Paxton bells leaving the tower June 28th and June 29th 2011

Here at last are some pictures of the historic days when the four bells in Little Paxton bell tower were lowered carefully out of the bell tower and into Taylors of Loughborough van.

Im sorry that some of the pictures have the wrong date and time on them from my camera… I should have turned it off when taking the shots.  I will edit out  some of the dates off but wont on some as it would spoil the picture.

First out, on a very wet June 28th ( thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure) the  1669 bell with the words ” God Save The King” WH and RC appeared. It was the second bell in the original peal.

The king being Charles 11.

The 1669 bell with the word ” king” from God Save The King.

WH refers to the church warden William Hedding and RC refers to Robert Colton, church warden. ( Thanks to David Broad’s book on Little Paxton for the information) Though not mentioned, the Vicar at the time was Rev Beridge.

Broad states that the maker of the second bell is not known but possibly by Thomas Newman.

Bakers workman Jamie steadying the 1669 bell as it is lowered.

Next out was the 1713 Hedding bell – the third bell in the original peal.

Queen Anne was on the throne.

Broad’s book states that the third bell was made by Stamford foundry of Tobias Norris where Tobias Norris 111 was in charge at the time of casting.

Its  inscription is:  Will —HEDDING CHW 1713

( a descendant of the above William Hedding?)

The 1713 Hedding bell descending slowly

The Hedding bell safely on the floor

Next out was the 1791 Taylor’s  bell ( the fourth bell) with the inscription:



The 1791 Taylors bell outside in the sunshine waiting to be loaded onto the Taylors van Wednesday June 29th 2011.

Last out was the oldest bell – 1610. James 1st was on the throne.

Broad states that it is the treble bell by Richard Holdfield.

The inscription reads:


After much searching I have found out what it means:


I have found that St Marys Ashwell  Church ( not very far from here in St Albans Diocese) have nearly the same inscription on their 1607 No 3 bell thus:   “sonora sono meo sono deo”.

Also, at St Nicholas Church, Much Munden  in Hertforshire their 5th bell has the same inscription with the date 1621.

Why was this inscription popular in the early 1600’s??

Three bells lowered down.

Paxtonvic with the 1791 and 1713 bells

Alf Gower, one of our present church wardens with the Taylor bell.

It is great that he and fellow warden Ken Bowles will have their name soon the new bell we are having cast by modern day Taylors.

Myself and Alf bidding bon voyage to the Taylor bell Wednesday June 29th 2011.

We look forward to seven bells being delivered….. one new bell being cast, one of the old virgin bells being the clock striking bell, the other three originals in the new peal of 6 which will include  2 bells sourced by the Keltek Trust for us from Ireland and from another location.

We hope the bells will be ringing again by mid November.

The next part of the project is lifting the old bell frame higher up the tower to preserve it.

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  1. I love the Latin. Send more…

    Comment by Andrew Jagusiak | June 30, 2011 | Reply

    • As a Hedding descendant in Australia I find this amazing
      Regards Col Heading

      Comment by Col Heading | October 14, 2011 | Reply

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