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Walking round the village

Having spent too much of today watching fit young people hit a little white ball over a net, I thought Id have a stroll round some of the village roads. Im getting fit too ( in my own way) for my “More Tea Vicar”  challenge in August. Game plan is to try and knock on the door of every home in Little Paxton ( 1554) and invite a donation for our Church For Tomorrow Project in return for a raffle ticket. Actually, what appeals to me is getting to know the village more on foot and meeting some more people. No doubt lots will  be away or out.. but I will give it my best shot.

This evening I enjoyed some blackbird song, the scent of some pretty roses along the way, the sunlight streaming into the chancel windows in church when I popped in and two black and white cats who miowed greetings. I have only met a smallish  percentage of people in the village in the last 5 years so maybe this challenge will put that right. Having said that maybe I have met more people than I think… I wonder how many would say they have spoken to me?

I shant be having tea when I call…. Id never get very far!

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  1. As a Descendant of William Hedding I am very interested in the fate of the Bells. I did visit St John’s many years ago but the bell tower was off limits. I gather the Tower is being repaired would love to see photo’s of the bells being reinstalled.

    Comment by William Heading | October 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Dear Mr Hedding

      So many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. My delay in getting back to you. Very soon the bells are coming back to Little Paxton Church and I will make sure I take a picture of the Hedding bell. I expect you know that there are several headstones in the churchyard to members of the Hedding family?

      HAve you done a lot of research into the \Heddings of Little Paxton?
      All good wishes
      Annette Reed

      Comment by paxtonvic | October 29, 2011 | Reply

    • Dear Mr Heading
      Just to let you know I have blogged this evening about the Hedding bell…. it is used as the clock bell now so we hear the authentic sound of this bell every hour. It has a very sweet sound indeed. Lovely that your ancestor’s bell is heard every day every hour! Theer are many pictures on my blog of the bells when they came back from the Foundry… though I didnt get one of the Hedding bell returning as it was the last one to arrive back and I wasnt there on the day.
      All good wishes

      Comment by paxtonvic | December 14, 2011 | Reply

      • Hello I must apologise for not replying earlier but I haven’t followed up as I dont think that my message had got through. I have visited your site a few times and have seen the improvements to the church and I wish you well and trust that you are able to complete the restoration. I visited the church many years ago and photograthed the various tombs in the yard. My Grandfather had a watch with the coat of arms engraved on it. I did go to the Collage of Heralds to find out about the Arms but they were not registered. I have done some research on the family and am able to trace back to the mid 1500’s. In the process discovered a distant relative living about 20 miles from me. In fact there is quite a tribe in the Brisbane area. Sorry to ramble on but I am pleased to see your reply.
        Kind Regards
        Bill Heading

        Comment by William Heading | April 3, 2012

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