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Visiting parishioners – the clue to reviving a jaded ministry?

Not that I was feeling jaded here, but having spent all week mostly visiting people Id never met before I feel invigorated and ready for  the next 1,400 homes. The challenge I set myself is called ” More Tea Vicar?” and I must say the tea is going down welll…..

I managed to ring the door bell of 89 homes and 32 people were in and answered the call. Ive had loads of conversations with parishioners on all sorts of topics from the debt crisis in the Euro zone to the manufacture of bottle tops and when pews first appeared in churches.  People have mostly  been so welcoming and I really do recommend  to any clergy who need to pep up their ministry to get out there and visit! Tis a bit old fashioned but Im a great advocate of it now. I wonder if its taught at theological college any more??

Meanhwile, here’s a picture or two from my Norfolk holiday:

My daughter Adele and her friend Melissa posing in the Orangery at Felbrigg House.

Im not sure we should have been in there as the house was shut, but we kind of found our way in there late one afternoon.

Looking down at Cromer Pier one windy day

Adele couldnt beleive that i actaully said to an attendant at Felbrigg House that ” Im a student of toilets” – she was very impressed. How about this one then?

In the old library hidden behind a false bookcase is a little room with a potty and a candle – just right for the library occupants of old to pop in for their comfort without having to get cold in a draughty corridor.

Love it!!

The marvellous jazz band  ” Hoofbeat” playing at The Lawns in Holt as part of the Holt Festival. Sultry music for a sultry night.

It all seems a long way away now.

Meanwhile, tis another sunday tomorrow and then some more visiting.

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