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Still knocking on….

Here I am still knocking on doors ( or ringing  bells ) and well into my fourth week of the ” More Tea Vicar” challenge.

Im really liking it and although I wont be able to get round the whole village by August 31st….. I shall just keep going until Ive finished.

So far Ive approached 281 doors – thats just under 1/5th of the village. Not everyone has been in but a lot of people have been and Ive had some fascinating conversations. Glad that everyone Ive talked to so far is very suspportive of our projects to rehang the bells and re-order the interior of the church…… and Ive been also very heartened by some very generous donations  to our CHUFT ( church for tomorrow) project.

Meanwhile,  Maurice and Jamie who were up working in the tower today found an old wooden spoon buried beneath some tower masonry. Maurice wondered if it dates back to the Tudor era…

Full of woodworm ( hopefully Tudor woodworm) and character – I wonder who last ate a meal with it? There  was also a fragment of a clay pipe.

Holes are being made in the interior tower wall to take the new ring beams which I believe strengthen the tower in readiness for the new bell frame.

Also good to hear that our new bell is being cast at Taylors in Loughborough on September 1st and there will be a party of us going to view this historic event.

The bell will have the Latin words ” Pax Vobiscum” on it meaning ” Peace Be With You”.

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  1. To “Pax vobiscum” my response is “Et cum spiritu tuo” (“and with thy spirit”).

    Comment by Andrew Jagusiak | August 25, 2011 | Reply

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