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Bell casting at Taylors in Loughborough

Im feeling very excited about travelling to Loughborough tomorrow in Leicestershire to see the new Little Paxton Bell being cast. 25 of us from the parish are going ( numbers were restricted) and having seen a casting there before I can remember the fascination of looking down on the process from a viewing gallery.

Here is a description from Taylor’s web-site of the process of casting a bell:

The Mould

A new Taylor bell is cast from a mould which is painstakingly hand-crafted in two parts – the core which gives the inner profile of the bell and the case which gives the outer profile of the bell. The bell can be beautifully decorated and carry a commemorative inscription to customer’s requirements. The decoration, inscription and founders mark are carefully impressed into the case, thus producing the decoration on the outside surface of the bell. The core and case are then brought together, clamped and sealed to form the completed mould. The mould is placed in a sand pit with sand placed around it. The molten metal is degassed and properly alloyed before being poured into a header box on top of the mould. It is then allowed to flow under control to fill the space between the two parts of the mould.

Breaking Out

After a few days the casting is cool enough to be removed from the mould and is thoroughly wire brushed. The mould is destroyed in removing the bell casting which means every bell is unique.

I’ ve a feeling there will be a lot of us taking pictures of this historic event.

My visiting challenge goes on now into September. I have been to 325 homes – but there are still over 1,000 to do. Might finish by Christmas!

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