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For everything there is a season

For very good and sensible reasons 17 poplar trees are being felled in early December down Church Lane in Great Paxton. They are in a bad condition and are also compromising power cables overhead.  For many years they have been a familiar boundary between the Lane and the churchyard but those who know far more about trees than I do  at County Highways have deemed they must be felled. The beech trees between them will be lowered but will remain, a defiant barrier between the lane and church land.

Everything has its season,  although we might kick againt that truth sometimes.

After some tummy pain a few weeks ago I discovered that I needed my gall bladder removed and I await that procedure on Monday in a Cambridge hospital. It’s not feeling at all bad at the moment and Im working away quite happily, but I know that it needs to be removed and thank goodness we can do without a gall bladder. I’m very grateful for all the good wishes I have been given by the good people of my parishes and I’m looking forward to having a bit of a rest afterwards. If I dont I shall be nagged mercilessly!

I love autumn leaves and here is a collection of them in a road in Great paxton Village.

I have succumbed to the seductive  world of an android phone and will enjoy e-mailing people from a position  of convalescence in the next few days. “Apps” were always a mystery to me but I shall take a little time to explore them and discover the delights of BBC Iplayer and other such media wonders.

But before an enforced rest, I have a busy day on  Remembrance Sunday. Here is  a prayer I shall use at some point tomorrow:

Merciful Father

we offer to you the  fears in us that have not been cast out by love.

May we accept the hope you have placed in the hearts of all people.

And live lives of justice, courage and mercy.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Comment by Andrew Jagusiak | November 12, 2011 | Reply

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