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Early morning thoughts on Gall Bladders and Bells

Some things get removed and some get put back in again!

Its early on thursday morning and I’m still tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and warm ginger drink. Wide awake and playing on my new phone.
Been reading message boards about post gall bladder removal experiences……as really no one told me quite what to expect. They are amusing and inturn are  full of happy people who have had a good experience and others who havent had such luck and are still in discomfort some months later. I have no sympathy for the person who went home and binged on chips!

I reckon live yohurt is handy stuff to have around as it helps to get the good bacteria into the gut. I like it with Oatibix.
My head is back in gear (did I really ring people up just a few hours after surgery and morphine??!) but tummy is still sore and feels heavy (though nothing like Ithought it would be) and I take paracetemol only occasionally.

No bad pain. It’s the wind and probably the effect of antibiotics that are most disagreeable and dramatic gurgles of inner movements that sound like my radiator coming to life in the morning.

I believe the movement of bile without GB all has to settle down and most people are fine after a few weeks. Tis only day four after surgery and im doing okay. As with any surgery the patient really does have to be patient and allow time for healing to take place.
Still wearing the attractive white  support stockings……came home with a free pair….and  walking around  lot and wiggling feet at every opportunity.
Today at noon the Little Paxton bells are being test swung for the first time……amazing achievement….if anyone is in the village go along and listen. I hope to jog down or be pushed in a wheel barrow.

Great to be able to blog from iphone and thanks to all readers and church friends for so many good wishes.

Time for a bit more snooze!
Prayers for anyone having surgery today.

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