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Test Swinging Little Paxton Bells – Nov 17th 2011

It was a very very  special moment when the new peal of 6 bells at St James Church Little Paxton was rung for the first time on November 17th at noon.

A group of parishioners were looking up at the very sweet sound coming from the belfry – almost a year( Nov 24th 2010)  since  the People’s Millions Competition took place and  the project was awarded £40,000.

A team of experienced local ringers  were on hand to pull the ropes for the test swing,  namely:

 Owen Davis, Mary Parnham, Wendy Piercy, Catherina Griffiths, David Saunderson and George Bonham.

The splendid tower at St James Church now housing a peal of 6 and an original bell from the old peal for the clock bell.

Made it!

There will be a special tower open day on December 17th at St James Church when anyone can come to view the new bells from 11.30am onwards. The new ringing team will be ringing in the morning and in the afternoon for two short slots and visiting towers are invited to come and ring from 4.30pm onwards as part of a St Neots area ringing day.

Details about the day: on

17th December 2011 Little Paxton, Cambs – Open Afternoon

17th December 2011
Proceeds in aid of Little Paxton Bell Project
12.30 Southoe (4, 8 cwt) experienced ringers only here please!
1.30 Great Paxton (5, 7-2-17) toilet
2.30 Eynesbury (6, 13-0-27 anti-clockwise) toilet
3.45 Eaton Socon 8, 13-1-11) toilets
4.30 Little Paxton (6, 7 cwt) Refreshments & toilet
5.30 St Neots (10, 29-2-11) toilets
6.30 Brampton (6, 13-2-26 plus 8 bell simulator both anti-clockwise)
Tickets £6 available at first 3 towers
Alternatively £1 per tower except Little Paxton £5
All towers open for one hour.

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