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Life without a Gall Bladder

………is remarkably like life with one… although its nice to know I wont be getting the pain I was having for some months ( years?) from my tummy that presumably was being caused by a GB full of stones.

When resting upon my couch upon returning home and looking at health message boards contributed to by post GB amputees, I found a wide range of agony and delight stories.

Some people fare really well and are back to work after a few days. Others have  uncomfortable symptoms for many weeks afterwards not least needing to dash to the loo a lot.

Its ten days after the event and I move around the house very well, had no painkillers at all after day 2 and could eat for England. Appetite has come back so want to make sure I dont put back the stone and a half I have lost. Tummy where the incisions were made by key hole is still a bit sore and Im not sure Im following the command not to lift anything ( much) . I want to drive but Im not sure I should yet…. maybe at the week-end? But I do feel very tired still and Mr Surgeon said that it can take up to 6 weeks before that wears off.

To prevent boredom and lack of brain activity, I have been catching up on my beloved paperwork and e-mails, ringing lots of people to see how they are and “receiving”  visitors… but not quite a la Downton Abbey.

Today I saw my dear friend Barbara today who moved away from our parish sometime ago.  We each had a hot water bottle and sat under a fleece to keep warm. Maybe I should have put the heating on?!

It’s nice not to be frenetically dashing around all the time and I appreciate the time I have to spend with people these few days. Instead of knocking on other people’s doors, people have come to me. More Flowers, Vicar! Yes please!

Am enjoying the splendid ” Rev” comedy series on BBC2 … episode 3 is on tonight. I find it funny and  at times very real and moving. Last weeks episode even made mention of London Diocese’s Mission Action Plans ( Rev Adam hadnt got round to doing one!) which all goes to show how well researched it is as MAPs are something London Diocese developed and have been implemented here in Ely Diocese over the past few years.

Thanks to all Paxtonvic readers, I’ve crashed through the 75,000 hits barrier… thats since May 2009 when paxtonvic was born. I hope it continues to be a useful site for readers in lots of different ways.

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  1. Long may your recovery last. Mick & Bernice.

    Comment by Mick & Bernice | November 26, 2011 | Reply

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