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Jottings from Christmas

* Just a correction to this 30th December Post.

The Programme ” After Life: The Strange Sceine of Decay” on BBC4 on December 29th 2011  was presented by George McGavin and not James Hood as first stated. Thank you to Mr McGavin for pointing this out to me!

I may have lost out at National Trust Monopoly but Im still smiling on Christmas Day.

Hope you have all enjoyed these Christmas Days even if life has been difficult for any reason.

I was so pleased to be well after my mid November op and thoroughly enjoyed the five Christmas Eve services across the Benefice. Somehow we managed to squeeze in 199 people into Little Paxton Church at 2.30pm… surely Alf our number counter with his ” clicker” could have added one more and made it 200! Great Paxton was full too for the 4pm carols and Im sure that churches all over the country will have had similarly large numbers.

Son and daughter cooked a wonderful Christmas Day meal which was  great news for me having been a bit busy for the previous few hours.

When we were on holiday in Norfolk last summer, we found a copy of the National Trust Monopoly game at Fellbrig Hall Shop and bought it to play this Christmas. I rather like it and quite fancied buying up a stately home or two…..though didnt really do very well due to my strong competitors.

Boxing Day at Huntingdon late in the afternoon was interesting…. kind of diserted with a few crowds trying their luck at the shops that were open. Back to Huntingdon on Tuesday with my daughter and a visit to the large Antque warehouse in St Mary’s Street. Its my idea of materialistic heaven. A drive to Coventry followed returning Adele to her Coventry home and it was nice to see the little house  looking so festive and clean!

Watched a bit of  TV but found the most fascinating programme to be broadcast last night ( December 29th) on BBC4 called ” After Life: The Strange Science of Decay” .

Presented by entomologist George McGavin  it explored the science of decay in an experiment at Edingburgh Zoo.

In the programme we saw  the average contents of a typical kitchen decaying over a period of time with time-lapsed cameras filming every messy moment. Nothing like watching magots, mould ( especially slime mould) and bacteria munching their way thorugh fruit and veg, meat and sandwiches.

The whole point was to show us that although to us decay might seem ( and smell) like bad news it is the necessary precursor to new life springing up in the face of  death.  It even demonstrated that atoms of nitrogen which were present in dying mustard plants turned up again in a new plant which the scientists engineered. So, decay  isnt the big bad thing we tend to think it is. Without it there wouldnt be the eternal cycle of life and death and rebirth that we are so used to. I might be a bit nicer to  maggots next time I see one… they are after all only larvae waiting to be born as a flies. And as for slime mould…. its soo clever.

Does maggot have one or two g’s ?

I’ve loved the Christmas tree kindly donated to a poor vicarage family by a well wisher and all the candles we put in the fireplace. Ive loved listening to carols on a CD I found at the Oxfam Shop. There was one that I hadn’t heard before “The Echo Carol” by Philip Wilby – ethereal and icily gentle. The poem  above “Behold I stand” is also a favourite  read at Christmas.

And now there is a delightful scent of hyacinth coming from my window ledge.

Next Sunday New Years Day we have a service at 10.30am at Little Paxton Church which will be the last act of worship for c 6 months whilst our re-ordering is underway. I wonder if we shall make 200 again?

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  1. Afterlife on BBC4 was not presented by James Hood but by George McGavin – but glad you liked the programme anyway!

    Comment by George McGavin | January 2, 2012 | Reply

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