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Anyone looking for a screwdriver?



Persons unknown decided to remove lead from Little Paxton Church roof last night and cause a lot of damage to slate tiles in the process. It appeared that in the persuit of their aims they were disturbed and ran off but left a screwdriver behind. So if anyone needs it back contact me through the blog and we can have a nice chat over a cuppa.
I wonder what it feels like damaging an ancient building whose sole purpose is to promote fellowship and goodwill and comfort? I wonder what it feels like to trample over a burial ground where people have been laid to rest? What does it feel like to steal maybe £30.00 worth of lead and yet cause many more hundreds of pounds of damage.
Id love to understand these peoples thinking…..and then maybe I’d give them back their screwdriver. But as I guess they probably dont think about the consequences of their actions I doubt if I would understand where they come from.
Be rest assured should you be reading this. The village is aware of your labours at church and probably elsewhere…..I dont advise coming back.

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  1. Sorry about the vandalism. I hope things get restored quickly.

    Comment by Andrew Jagusiak | January 20, 2012 | Reply

  2. Two churches in Scotland where friends worship both had the lead stripped from their roof. I am not sure the cost to St.James but the church in Neilson had to pay out some 20 thousand pound – or about $32.000 in Australian Dollars and only a few years ago the 12th Century Cathedral at Dornoch was vandalised. I like to keep in touch with these things because some of our congregation come from these areas as do members of the wider community. I do not understand why – surely it has to be something more than just plain old greed.

    Comment by edgar62 | February 13, 2012 | Reply

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