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I see that the story of the Tudor spoon reached the Church Times this week…. but it was rather oddly positioned on page 8 under the ” News” column.

A picture of the spoon is placed  down the side of the page  and leading off from the top of the spoon runs ” Human-sexulaity group invites submissions” .

Bit of stirring going on there..

Hum….. though at the bottom of the spoon it does say:

” Stirred: a spoon thought to be 15th century ( well, the Tudor dynasty beagn in 1485 but my guess is that its later than that) is among items ( well, there was only the spoonand a bit of clay pipe) found in the church tower masonry during restoration work at St James Church, Little Paxton, Cambridgeshire. It was due to be presented to St Neots museum on Wednesday”  And it was…..

My day off was taken up this morning by having a colonoscopy at Addenbrooks Hospital. I have nothing but praise for the whole process and if anyone stumbles across this blog and is due to have such a procedure I should like to reassure them that there isnt anything to worry about.

As my old grandfather Will used to say in connection with his decorating business, good preparation is the secret of success. Very true when it comes to getting ready to have a colonoscopy.

I was given a pack of something that promised to be tasty ( ” Fleet Phosphate”  )  It claimed  to be ginger and lemon flavour, but it wasnt all that pleasant and by the time youve had four sachets of the stuff with copious amounts of water and no food for 24 hours it is true you arent feeling your best. But it did give a new meaning to the concept of purging at the beginning of Lent.

However, once at Addenbrooks nice and early it wasnt long before I was robed in glorious apparel and waiting for a surgeon to fetch me from a waiting room area.  I aimlessly watched Joan Collins on a TV screen and pretended to be ultra cool whilst listening to two other ladies talking about their colonoscopy experiences.

As it turned out I need not have worried at all. Surgeon AJ was charming and before I knew it was watching the screen and pictures of my innerds which Im delighted to say are in good order. Some pain killer injection perhaps helped me not feel too much discomfort and I did have some sedation but I was fully awake all the way through.

Apart from being sleepy in the afternoon I feel fine now and the first piece of toast afterwards was divine!

If anyone has any concerns about changed bowel movements etc please do go and see your GP. It might well be nothing, but a colonoscopy can detect signs of cancer and it can be dealt with very effectively if caught early.

So, having had my gall bladder removed ( huge improvement ) and a colonoscopy I can now have some time out hopefully  from medical things.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful health service. Let us hope and pray and become as informed as we can be about the proposed changes to the NHS.

This advert for a ” colonoscopy kit at home” has got to be a joke, please!!

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