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Visiting Ely Cathedral

Let nothing disturb or dismay us, O God, for all things are passing and you alone are unchanging. Teach us that all things are wrought in patience and that those who possess you lack nothing and that our sufficiency is in you alone; and this for your own name’s sake. Amen.

St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)


This prayerful lady is to be found in Ely Cathedral in the north aisle amongst a collection of copies of ancient brasses. She is a wool lady and is beside her  wool man. This medieval figure is very serene so I’ve linked her with the prayer of St Teresa of Avila above.

It is always a treat to visit Ely Cathedral and on March 1st was accompanied by two friends from my previous parishes, Margaret and Rita.

Just as we arrived, Bishop Stephen was signing the letter which he has written to The Queen congratulating her on her forthcoming Diamond Jubilee.

Here is a photographer from the local paper getting a view of the event. It is hoped that lots of parish people across the Diocese will add their signatures to accompanying sheets so that HM may receive many good wishes from Ely and beyond.


Here is a view looking up into the Octagon. One of the saints ” doors” was open and someone waved down at us. I might have climbed Little Paxton’s tower up to the belfry, but the Octagon? No!! Click on the picture and you have a better view of the opening.

In the Lady Chapel is the modern statue of Mary by David Wynne ( 2000).

I have seen it many times, but not since a new wrought iron addition has been put in place and an altar frontal added in gold ” And the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us full of grace and truth”

I had promised my friends that the Quaker  Tapestry Exhibition would be on, but alas it was being dismantled before our eyes. Apparantly Dr Mary Archer opened the exhibition on 30th January 2012 and was not impressed with modern Mary.

She is reported to have commented that perhaps someone could embroider something for the ” multi-coloured” madonna to go over her. Obviously not a fan then of this expressive and exulting Mary. Much more exciting and real to my mind than the thousands of passive statues of our Lords mother.

Part of the magnificent south aisle, the mingling of sunlight and stained glass on the Norman stonework. One of the huge old heaters( now gas fired)  is on the left.

Thanks to Margaret and Rita for a lovely day out!

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