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New pictures of the Little Paxton Church For Tomorrow Project – The Church begins to take shape!

Phase Two of our Church For Tomorrow Project began in March 2012. This followed some busy weeks when our faithful volunteers stripped out the church creating a wide open space for the re-ordering to begin. We have tried very hard to keep track of where everything is…. a lot of it in my study annex and the larger items up in the chancel or in a parishioner’s garage.

First of all the floor had to come up and many tonnes of rubble and dirt were carted away to skips. More had to be taken away than we anticipated as there were so many areas of unstable rubble and sandy soil underneath.

March 2012 looking west towards the north porch.

Plaster had to be removed from the walls up to a height of c 6′ approx. We found the outline of ancient  windows at the west and east end of  the south aisle.

Outline of an ancient window at the west end of the south aisle.

Very surpringly we also found evidence of some medieval wall painting though the black and red patterns seem to be directly painted onto the stones.

Wall painting fragments within a rectangular shape.

For a few days the church felt very sad and it was hard to believe it could ever be out back together again. But Easter came along and the message of resurrection and new life was celebrated once more… …and now the interior is really taking shape.

Bakers of Danbury lads at work replastering the north wall.

Having dug deep to clear out the unstable materials, the work commenced April 23rd to create a new floor surface. First comes  concrete layers.

Concrete laid April 23rd/24th followed by insulation April 25th

In just a few days you can begin to believe that by mid July the main work will be finished. Im August the new carpet will be laid and the new oak chairs will arrive. There is still a lot of electrical and heating work to be done. We have a new gas supply and there will be insulation put into the roof. Hundreds of Victorian pamment tiles were recovered from under the damp carpet. They have been cleaned and will be relaid around the perimeter of the inner walls.

We can’t thank Bakers men enough. They have taken great care with all they have done.

It certainly is a job well done!

During the excavation of the floor, we found several old items from the past. A piece of clay pipe, some very thin fragments of glass and a German jetton ( a computing token) maybe from c 1580. Here is Adie holding it up:

I will post some more updates as the work progresses.

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