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Sunlight in Little Paxton Church

sunlight in LP church Jan 27th 2013

This morning just for a few minutes sunlight flooded through a small leaded window in the south chancel wall of Little Paxton Church.
It bathed the north wall of the chancel in diffuse light, and brought out the deep tones of the oak pews and altar rail.
Fuzzy patterns of pale light played on the cream wall, the edges moving and dancing as the pulses of light waxed and waned. Different patterns and shapes emerged and dissolved into something else.

I thought:

The sunlight is like God. We cant see Her directly, but we know She is there by the reflections of her glory.
Yet those reflections are fuzzy and what one person sees is diferent from what another person sees.
Which is rather like how people see the bible.
One set of books; one person interprets the words one way, yet another person in another way. Same book different reflections.

Which might explain how the group of people who gathered in Ely on Thursday night to lisetn to eachother about women bishops and the way forward had very different ideas about what the bible says about women and headship.

We all see God’s truth in a different way and we all think we are right.

Maybe none of us are right or wrong. The lesson we have to learn is not to judge eachother but just accept the different interpretations of truth and live with difference. Its only when we insist we are right and “they” are wrong that the fighting starts.

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