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The Aragon Singers at Diddington Church – June 10th at 3pm

Everyone will be very welcome at Diddington church on June 10th for The Aragon Singers Summer Concert which starts at 3pm.

Many local people will have enjoyed one of their concerts in the past, and the Singers really are producing some lovely sounds under the direction of their conductor Gren Gutteridge. The choir has 40 members all told, but tomorrow there will be c 30 of the group coming to Diddington for the concert of light summer music. Maybe they will include ” rain drops keep falling on my head” !

There will be cream teas to enjoy as well and tickets on the door will be £5.00.

st Laurence Church at Diddington summer 2011 – blue sky sunshine!

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Open Garden June 9th at Little Paxton Vicarage

Having been up all night dancing round the garden imploring the sun to shine today, I’m quite pleased with my efforts.

Its dry, windy but no rain and it meant that I could do a couple of hours tidying up before the parish crew arrive to set up refreshments and stalls.

I have a new helper, my beautiful rescue greyhound called Polly. She is calmest and most gentle dog you could wish for and definately has taken to be a Vicar’s Dog. She is infinately curteous to people, allows them to talk to her for as much as they want and would never snap back.  She has a good grasp of Deanery finances and feels that dogs, if well behaved , should be allowed to come to church.

The odd Bonio goes down well as does nice gentle strolls, not least with Mike and Lottie’s lurcher Boy called Charlie.

Polly was in the care of the Greyhound Rescue West of England organisation and I met her last Saturday for the first time on a walk in Hertfordshire.

Charlie, Mike and Lottie took to her immediately and I walked her all through some lovely meadows. I knew she was the right dog for me and after a week I can say she is truly delightful.

If anyone is thinking of homing a grehound the GRWE give a lot of advice and talk you thorugh the process. Type in GRWE into Google to find their splendid web-site.

Here is Polly inspecting the garden this morning.

Little Paxton Vicarage Garden opens at 2pm today… come along if you can!

Plants, cream teas and lots of books for sale.

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